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Blush Margarita

For whatever reason I’ve been on a big rosé kick lately. So naturally it’s been finding its way into more and more of my cocktail creations. One evening, I threw the tale end of a bottle of rosé wine in a sauce pan with some sugar and made a simple syrup. I had this idea of using my new syrup to make a Rosé Margarita. But I didn’t want it just to be a marg with rosé syrup in it. It had to be different and kinda “elevated.”

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The Slow Way Down

There are a lot of orange liqueur options out there, so I can’t blame someone for just randomly picking a bottle off the shelf. However, liqueurs are often used as sweeteners in cocktails but the problem is that many of them are way too cloying & overly loaded with sugar. So the name of the game is finding a balanced orange liqueur that provides sweetness as well as a sophisticated flavor.

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There are a lot of different flavors zipping around in this energetic cocktail. Originally created by Julia Momose of Chicago, the Electron combines earthy carrot juice and pink peppercorns with cinnamon and bright, fresh citrus. All these vibrant flavors intertwine with smokey mezcal and make for a dynamic sipping experience.

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