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The Cadillac Swizz

Refreshing and eye-catching, and featuring gin and mezcal, the Cadillac Swizz comes to us from the creative bar staff at Bibo Ergo Sum in Los Angeles. This stylish bar has a slightly Art Deco vibe, and is somewhat hidden in Robertson Plaza between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Find the Cadillac Swizz on the menu under the “Neon” section, which lists various drinks described as “the life of the party.”

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Netflix Tremors

I received a bottle of Trä Kál a while ago & finally got around to mixing with it. This bottle is crazy; so different from anything I’ve tried before! Apparently Trä Kál is a totally new type of spirit from Patagonia, & is made solely from local ingredients. It starts out like an apple & pear brandy but is then infused like a gin with local botanicals & essential oils. Like I said, I haven’t had anything quite like it.

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