There are a lot of different flavors zipping around in this energetic cocktail. Originally created by Julia Momose of Chicago, the Electron combines earthy carrot juice and pink peppercorns with cinnamon and bright, fresh citrus. All these vibrant flavors intertwine with smokey mezcal and make for a dynamic sipping experience.

Originally written for VinePair

best mezcal cocktails


1¾ oz Mezcal

½ oz cinnamon syrup

¾ oz fresh lime juice

¾ oz fresh carrot juice

2 dashes orange bitters

salt & pink peppercorns for rim


Grind several pink peppercorns into coarse sea salt. Rim a coupe glass with a lime half and dip into salt/peppercorn mixture then set aside.

Combine ingredients in a shaker tin and shake with ice. Double-strain into the rimmed coupe glass and serve.