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Pie Hole Fizz at Bible Club

Welcome to Bible Club, a speakeasy-esque Portland bar that is often described by both the staff and regulars as a swanky Prohibition-era museum that you can drink-in. There isn’t a sign out front but don’t let that deter you, simply walk right up to the door of this little 1920’s house in a SE Portland neighborhood. No need to knock or utter a secret password, just step inside and you’ll feel like you’ve entered into a black and white photograph.

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The Purple Puritan

It doesn’t matter where you’re at, if you order an Empress Gin cocktail, it’s going to turn some heads. There’s just something so mesmerizing about that color. I always have a deeper appreciation for a spirit after meeting the makers & seeing the where & how it was made. After visiting Victoria Distillers in BC in Sept. 2018, it’s been fun using their naturally indigo gin in various cocktails like this one.

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The Walter Collective gin & vodka

I've never been a guy to drink gin neat, but The Walter Collective has changed me. It's pretty citrus-forward (think grapefruit and lemon) but has some other interesting flavors going on that are subtle but still noticeable, like cardamom and cassia (a relative of cinnamon). At around $35 for a 750ml bottle, it may be more costly than your go-to bottle of Beefeater but make no mistake, this is a bargain for this level of quality.

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