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Next Opinion– A Cocktail with Amaro Lucano

One of my favorite aspects of cocktail making might sound kind of basic; but I love the process of balancing different flavors and ingredients to create something new. Just swapping out one ingredient or changing the measurements slightly can result in a completely different result. Basically, when it comes to creating cocktails the possibilities are endless… there is just always more to discover and learn. To take that even further, even the individual spirits and liqueurs used in most cocktails all have their own histories and recipes behind them. One such ingredient with a fascinating history is Amaro Lucano.

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Rittenhouse Rye

This is the whiskey I personally go through the most. It's one of those "desert island" bottles. I use it for most every drink that calls for rye (or bourbon for that matter). It's bottled at 100 proof, and has that spicy-rich kick that you want from a good rye. The best part is that it's super affordable, so using it in a bunch of cocktails isn't going to be too painful on the bank account!

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