Ever heard of a "Sherry Bomb"?

Sherry is a new world for me but I’ve been diving in and trying to learn all I can. Turns out there is a whole other door to open up: sherry cask whisk(e)y.

I’m super thankful to Aberlour for sending me out a bottle of A’bunadh (Gaelic for “the original”), a 100% sherry cask single malt that is bottled at cask strength. It’s a fascinating whisky that was hand-made from start to finish and I honestly haven’t tasted anything quite like it.

I’m not very articulate with describing whisky but it basically tastes like getting punched in the face by a fist full of raisins/dried fruit, a bit of oak and spices then falling over into a vat full of Oloroso sherry. And it’s awesome.

Heading into fall, I’m definitely going to be spending more time with this one. Any other Sherry Bomb fans out there?