Viking Colada

Everyone loves a good tiki cocktail… even Vikings.

Admittedly, Viking Tiki isn’t a thing just yet. But, for fans of the traditional Nordic spirit aquavit, it certainly seems like a reasonable development.

Like gin, aquavit is a neutral grain spirit that is flavored with various botanicals. Instead of juniper, the primary botanicals in aquavit are usually star anise, caraway, and coriander. The good people of House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Ore. produce the popular and widely available Krogstad Aquavit, which I used in this delicious twist on a Piña Colada.

The Viking Colada definitely has some funky flavors going on, thanks to the combination of star anise and root beer syrup. Yet somehow, fresh lime and creme of coconut mysteriously tie everything together. The result is a tropical cocktail unlike any other.

Originally written for VinePair

House Spirits Distillery


2 oz Krogstad Aquavit

3/4 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz creme of coconut

1/2 oz root beer syrup


Shake all ingredients with crushed ice and pour into a Highball or Collins glass. Top with additional crushed ice if needed. Garnish with fresh mint and skewered cherries, and serve with a metal straw.