Welcome to Portland

Here’s a helpful map to help you navigate to all the best cocktails bars in town 🍹🍸🥃
With 75+ places listed (and growing), you’ll probably need longer than a weekend to visit them all.
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I will be making various updates and adding some personal reviews over time. So bookmark the page and check back often!

Short lists

one night in TOWN

That’s unfortunate for you, but I’m glad you have your priorities straight and are planning to use your time to visit as many stellar bars as you can. You’ll have to Uber around a bit, but if you can hit all of these in one night you’ll have a pretty decent Portland cocktail experience.

Go to Multnomah Whiskey Library first and put your name in. Then walk to Clyde Common for drinks/dinner until MWL is ready for you.

amazing cocktails and equally amazing food

In Oregon there is no such thing as just a bar. Legally, if a place wants to serve liquor then they have to serve food– so you’ll never go hungry anywhere you go to drink.

In all honesty, a majority of the cocktail spots listed on this map are also incredible restaurants. It’s near impossible to narrow it down to a short list, but here’s my best attempt:

Best Bars within walking distance

Don’t feel like taking Ubers all over town? Just head to E Burnside and 9th Ave(ish) and you’ll have some of the best spots all within a few blocks of each other.

Better yet, just stay at the Jupiter and you’ll already be right there!


i don’t want to leave downtown

You should be a little more adventurous in life but if you insist, there is plenty to do in Downtown Portland.

You can obviously refer to the map above for ALL the downtown cocktail spots, but here’s a short list of a few essentials:

Off the beaten path

You might have to venture out a ways from the city center, but these places are absolutely worth taking the extra travel time.

And hey, it’s Portland. An Uber “across town” isn’t even all that far.

keep it fun and tropical

Portland might be cold and rainy for a good chunk of the year, but we have some great spots to escape for tropical flavors and good vibes. That doesn’t necessarily mean just Tiki (but we have that too).

Check out these spots for delicious vacation drinks and so much more:


NW Essentials

NW 23rd Ave is a big shopping / eating / drinking destination for both visitors and locals alike, and has been so for decades. If you get tired of shopping, here’s a few spots in the nearby area to stop for a good drink or two:

scenic Rooftop bars

The outdoor patios aren’t usable every month of the year because 🌧, but check out these spots for the best drinks-with-a-view in town.

Speakeasy Vibes

Let’s get one thing straight: speakeasies are not actually a thing. It’s not Prohibition anymore so let’s stop calling cool bars “speakeasies,” okay? With that said, here’s a few bars that at least have that vintage-y, semi-secretive vibe about them:


Did we miss a spot?

Suggest a cocktail bar that you think should be added to the list!