Distilled 002

Distilled 002
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Distilled 002.

Welcome to my bi-weekly round-up of boozy goodness and absolutely no sponsored content.

Cereal Infusions

Craft cocktails

I like to keep it classy when making drinks by focusing on the "culinary" experience of craft cocktails. What I'm saying: I don't do any of that vodka-red-bull type stuff... I try to only use fresh, real ingredients along with restraint, balance and intention. I'm not trying to sound "high and mighty," rather just trying to showcase the art and experience behind making mixed drinks vs. throwing together a cheap delivery for alcohol.

That being said, it's nice to have some fun and try things that are a little out of the ordinary.

One of my cocktail inspirations (more on him below) posted about making breakfast cereal-inspired cocktails for his bar's brunch menu. He made a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milk Punch which just seemed so wild to me, so I had to try it for myself.

It involved infusing some aged Barbados rum with the sugary cereal for just about an hour before straining the cereal out, then mixing it with cashew milk and honey simple syrup. The result? A tasty rum cocktail that reminds you of drinking the cinnamon-sugar milk out of the bottom of your cereal bowl.

Want the exact recipe? Just hit up my dude Chad (see below).


Sunday Shout-Out

Chad Coombs

I'd like you to meet Chad Coombs, otherwise known as @coqtale in the Insta-world.

Chad is the bar manager at Sticks and Stones, a Japanese/Korean restaurant and cocktail bar in Saskatoon (which I think is up in Canada somewhere). He's a top-brass barman and cocktail creator that comes up with some truly unique beverages. He also has a background in fine art photography and that's no surprise after looking at his Instagram feed.

Turns out, Chad is also just a genuinely cool guy. I've been following his content pretty closely for a while and I eventually started hitting him up for more details on some of his recipes and infusions. He's always happy to share about technique and has given me helpful suggestions for alternate ingredients on more complex drinks.

Maybe breakfast cereal-infused booze isn't your jam... well Chad is an expert at taking old, tired cocktail recipes and giving them a new spin. I especially love his many Sazerac variations– one of my favorites being The Fallen Star.

Definitely give @coqtale a follow for some solid cocktail and photo inspiration... or drop by his place if you ever happen to find out where Saskatoon is!


New Gin in Town

Freeland Spirits gin

Those of you who don't live anywhere close to PDX– sorry I'm always bragging about the amazing craft distilling scene here.

But to my fellow Portlanders– celebrate because there is a new distillery coming to NW Portland later this year that makes an amazing new gin. In addition to making a genuinely really good product, it's also extra awesome that this distillery is owned and operated by two very talented women. 

In case you missed it, I was able to meet up with the ladies behind this new distillery called Freeland Spirits and posted an interview with them earlier this week. Go give it a read to find out more!


Portland's Newest Craft Distillery: Freeland Spirits

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