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Banana Sidecar

A Cognac Sidecar is pretty classic, but I thought this would be a fun spin. Most Cognacs have some banana notes (which has something to do with the French oak used for aging apparently 🤷‍♂️) so it was a no brainer to pair it with banana liqueur. Tiki bitters added some tropical spice, and finishing it off with a mist of funky, heavy pot still Jamaican rum just made this cocktail something special.

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The origins of the Sazerac go way back to the early 1800’s, so the exact specs have undoubtedly changed in that amount of time. Early on it was made with brandy or cognac before bartenders started subbing in rye whiskey (which was a little more plentiful in the US). Lately, I’ve been enjoying splitting the base and using both cognac and high-proof rye.

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