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Meet The Pros: Chad Coombs

I’ve never actually met Chad in person, but for some reason he feels like an old friend. We connected via Instagram pretty early on, and he’s been a constant source of inspiration for me both in creating cocktails and photography. He’s always down to explain his process and never seems bothered when I message him about a recipe or ask for exact details on an infusion he posted about…

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Meet The Pros: Jason Yu

If you have an Instagram account and have any interest in the cocktail and bar world, you’ve seen Jason Yu. He’s been inspiring bar professionals and enthusiasts everywhere via social media, appearing on various influential cocktail feeds and sharing his amazing work through his own account: @jasonfyu. The guy is an incredibility talented and creative bartender, but he’s not one to talk about his own successes. Even in this interview he mentions a huge list of friends and industry peers as his personal inspirations.

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The Whiskey Library

“Going to the library” probably isn’t what most people think of when describing plans for an exciting evening out. However, what if all the shelves were filled with different styles of whiskey and various spirits from all around the world? That may sound too good to be true, but in Portland, Oregon such a place does exist.

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