Netflix Tremors

I haven’t had a lot of time lately to come up with cocktails, so it was fun working on some new stuff today. I received a bottle of Trä Kál a while ago & finally got around to mixing with it. This bottle is crazy; so different from anything I’ve tried before!

Apparently Trä Kál is a totally new type of spirit from Patagonia, & is made solely from local ingredients. It starts out like an apple & pear brandy but is then infused like a gin with local botanicals & essential oils. Like I said, I haven’t had anything quite like it. I enjoyed trying it in this little mule situation, but am excited to find other ways of mixing with it. Any ideas for me?

Netflix cocktail


1oz Mezcal

¾ oz Trä Kál

½ oz Hibiscus-Passionfruit syrup

3 dashes Bittermens Elemakule Tiki bitters

Ginger Beer

Mint & lime for garnish


Build in glass over ice. Add spirits, syrup & bitters & briefly stir. Top with the spiciest ginger beer you can find. Garnish with fresh mint & a lime wheel.