My name is Jordan Hughes and I live in Portland, OR with my wife and corgi.

I first started making cocktails at home several years ago, just as a fun thing for entertaining guests. I then began the High-Proof Preacher blog and Instagram account as a creative outlet to share what I had learned and the drink recipes I created.

I am now a full-time food & beverage photographer & occasional writer. I love connecting with people who desire to learn about craft spirits and cocktails as a culinary experience. My focus is on teaching people how to imbibe well, using mixology as a vehicle to learn something new and to create experiences that bring people together in a meaningful way.

I hope I can be a resource to bartenders and cocktail-enthusiasts alike– as well as an asset to craft spirit companies that are trying to up their digital content & social media game.

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I think we’re all here for the drinks. Check out these cocktail recipes to get you started —>